Due to decreasing COVID risk level in Berrien County, Michigan, it is now optional to wear masks.


Photography and Recording Devices

Unauthorized cameras and recording devices, including laptop/notebook computers, are not allowed inside the concert hall at any time. The taking of photographs is strictly prohibited except by official photographers.

No Smoking

The Howard Performing Arts Center, as well as all Andrews University facilities, is a smoke-free environment.

In Case of Emergency

Please observe the lighted exit signs located throughout the concert hall. In the event of a fire or similar emergency, please remain calm and walk - do not run - to the nearest exit. Our ushers are trained to lead you out of the building safely. Please contact an usher if you have a personal emergency or need assistance.


Please be aware that the outstanding acoustic quality of this concert hall amplifies every sound. Rustling of programs, shuffling of feet and whispered comments will be heard by your neighbors as well as the musicians on stage. Please remember to turn off or silence all personal electronic devices (phones, pagers, digital assistants, and watches). Special arrangements can be made with the Box Office if you need to be contacted during the concert.


Please be aware some shows may have flashing lights.


are stationed at the top of each aisle. If you have a question or concern, please inform an usher and they will contact management. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer usher, please contact the Assistant Manager at 269.471.3554, or email hpac@andrews.edu.

Late Seating

To respect the comfort and listening pleasure of the audience in the hall, late arriving patrons are asked to wait quietly until an appropriate pause in the program. At that time you will be seated by an usher. Seating pauses are determined by the conductor and/or musicians. If you need to leave early, please do so at appropriate breaks in the program to minimize disruptions.

Lost & Found

is located in the Administrative Offices. Please see an usher if you have misplaced an item or call 269.471.3560 if you have already left the concert hall. Items will be held in Lost and Found for 30 days.


Accessible seating locations for patrons in wheelchairs are located on the orchestra level and the balcony. If you require special accommodations, please ask about these locations when inquiring about tickets.


are welcome; however, all patrons are required to hold a ticket, regardless of age. We kindly ask that parental discretion be exercised for certain programs, and that all patrons remember that the ability of all audience members to hear the music is a prerequisite to enjoyment of the performance. Please do not leave children unattended in the Howard Performing Arts Center, particularly in the balcony. For the benefit of all our patrons, you may be asked to leave the hall with your child(ren) if they cause disruptions or are unable to sit quietly.

Ticket Information

Monday - Thursday 1:30 - 5:30 pm
Friday 1:00 - 3:00pm       

On performance days, the Box Office is open one hour before curtain.

Food & Beverages

are not allowed in the concert hall at any time.

Download the Polices & Procedures Manual

Policies & Procedures Manual